When to Use a Pencil Vs Liquid Eyeliner

One sure way to make your eyes pop and create drama in your look is to use eyeliner. This beauty enhancement has been used as far back as the Egyptians and is still popular today. Eyeliners are available in numerous colours, allowing you to achieve the specific effect you want. An added bonus is that today’s sophisticated products have natural extracts, like jojoba, or vitamins like C or E to protect and hydrate the delicate skin of your china colour eyelash factory.Sioia

china colour eyelash factory
china colour eyelash factory

Types of Liner

Eye liner comes in pencil and liquid form as well as the hybrids of cream, gel, or crayon. Some are waterproof, and some are not. Which you choose is largely a matter of preference. Some swear that pencil gives you more of a smokey look as it is designed to smudge while liquid china colour eyelash factory gives you a more dramatic effect with more control in application. With a skilled hand and a high-end product, you could achieve the desired effect with either. However, some effects do lend themselves to one product over the other.

Smokey Eyes

When you want to achieve a sexy, smokey look, most women reach for a pencil. The line is applied to the top eyelid as well as the bottom and then smudged to soften the china colour eyelash factory. Sometimes women also apply liner in a tight line, which is on the skin between the eyeball and the lash line. This dramatic application is best for evening.

Natural Eyes

Liquid liners provide the thinnest line, which is needed to achieve the natural china colour eyelash factory. It can be used with or without eyeshadow. The thin line is applied next to the lashes. This sleek look is great for day wear.

Cat Eyes

The dramatic effect of cat eyes is also best achieved with liquid liner. In this look, the liner is extended beyond the corner crease of the eye toward the temple. It can be applied in a thick or thin line and can be done with multiple colors for a more dramatic effect. When adding colored liner, usually the darker base color is applied first at the lash line with a colored line drawn immediately above it.

china colour eyelash factory
china colour eyelash factory


Both eye pencils and liquid liners can create drama, but there are some china colour eyelash factory to consider as well. The lead of the eye pencil is delicate, and just like that of a normal pencil can break and has to be regularly sharpened. On the other hand, liquid or gel liners also can dry out.


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