How To Apply Mineral Makeup – Simple Tips to Put Your Best Face Forward

Applying Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is better for your skin and looks more natural than conventional cosmetics. It also makes it fast and easy to look your best – once you get the hang of applying mineral makeup. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve never tried to apply mineral makeup before, once you know the proper mineral mink cluster lashes manufacturer application techniques you’ll be able to put your best face forward in no time!Sioia

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Before You Start

Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing should be the beginning of every daily skin care regime. Use a gentle cleanser and exfoliate with a washcloth, exfoliating cleanser, or even with a brisk rub of your fingertips to remove oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. It’s important to moisturize your skin before applying mineral makeup because pure mineral makeup does not contain any natural moisture and will absorb oil from your skin. This works to combat shiny, oily skin throughout the day, but without adequate moisturization, mineral makeup can end up looking dry and flaky. Always allow your moisturizer to absorb completely before applying mineral mink cluster lashes manufacturer.

How to Apply Mineral Concealer

Tap some of your concealer into the jar lid and swirl your concealer brush in the minerals. Tap off excess minerals into the lid. There should only be a light dusting of minerals on your brush, remember, a little bit goes a long way. Apply in light layers with a small mink cluster lashes manufacturer motion to any problem areas until you’ve reached the desired coverage. The concealer may be visible on your skin, but will blend in once you apply foundation.

How to Apply Mineral Foundation

Tap some of your foundation into the jar lid. Use a smaller face brush with less bristles for lighter coverage, or a kabuki brush with denser bristles for more coverage. Swirl your brush in the foundation and pick up minerals with the brush bristles. Tap off excess back into the lid, and then turn the brush up and tap so the minerals work themselves into the bristles. The minerals should barely be visible on the brush. Start at your jaw line and apply using a circular motion working towards the center of your face. Continue buffing mineral onto your skin in light layers until you have achieved the desired amount coverage.

How to Apply Mineral Blush or Bronzer

Load your mineral blush or bronzer on your brush as described above. Use a smaller face or kabuki brush to better control the application of colored minerals. Apply blush or bronzer with small circular motions to the areas where you want to add some color, such as your forehead, nose, shoulders, and mink cluster lashes manufacturer , or add contour, such as the sides of the nose, below the cheek bones, or along the collarbone.

How to Apply Mineral Veil

Load your mineral veil on your brush as described above. Use a larger face or kabuki brush for quick and even application. Use a sweeping circular motion to swirl mineral veil over your entire face. Mineral Veil will set your mineral makeup for long wear, help control shine, and minimize the look of pores and fine lines.

How to Apply Mineral Eyeshadow or Eyeliner

For soft color, apply dry. Tap a small amount of eyeshadow into the jar lid. Pick up a small amount of mink cluster lashes manufacturer with an eyeshadow brush or sponge and brush gently with a smooth motion across your eye lid, crease or brow bone. Apply additional layers until the desired color intensity is achieved.

For deep color, apply wet. Tap a small amount of eyeshadow into a separate container so you do not get the rest of your minerals wet. Wet your brush or sponge and mix with the minerals until you achieve a creamy consistency. Add more minerals or water if needed. Wipe across your eye lid, crease or brow bone for deep color.

For eyeliner, apply wet or dry along upper and lower mink cluster lashes manufacturer lines with a fine-tipped brush.

How to Apply All Over Mineral Color

Mix minerals with lotion and apply where you want to add a touch or color or shimmer.

How to Apply Mineral Nail Polish

Mix minerals with clear nail polish to create a custom color that goes with your look.

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Practice with your minerals and you’ll be able to create a great look in no time!


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