Eye Makeup Tips – Change Your Look!

Every great fashion moment starts with fabulous real mink lashes wholesale. The eyes are the focal point of the face and as such, deserve the most attention. These eye makeup tips will take you from day to nighttime, and from fresh to fabulous!Sioia

real mink lashes wholesale
real mink lashes wholesale

Cosmetics are wonderful tools and can make your eyes look innocent, dramatic, sultry or sweet. Here are some great eye makeup tips to make your peepers pop.

For daytime, keep your eye makeup minimal. It can still be funky and fun without being overdone. If you’re going for a fresh, weekend look, use a neutral shadow from your lash line to your brow bone. A light bronze, gold or even bone colour will look great with brown, blue or green eyes. Apply a thin line of brown eyeliner on the upper lash line only, and smudge gently with an angle brush or even a q-tip. Finish with mascara that matches your natural lash colour.

A more professional look for day can include a darker eye shadow on top of the lighter one, and blended from the centre of the lid to the outer corner of the eye. A thicker line of eyeliner on the lash line and a slight smudge of colour right along the lower lash line looks pretty and polished, not heavy. A single coat of mascara on the real mink lashes wholesale only finishes the look. Try to find colour palettes that work together to best flatter your eye colour and what you’re wearing. You don’t have to match your makeup to your clothes, but a little tie-in is pretty.

Eye makeup tips for evening can run from dramatic to playful. When you’re dressing for a party or a night on the town, really anything goes! You want to make sure your makeup compliments the outfit you’re wearing, and they whole looks works.

We’ve seen the sultry, smoky eye season after season, and that’s because it really is a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. Although it’s always intense and attention getting, it is a bit tricky to pull off. Don’t be afraid of dark colours, but make sure you’re creating depth. For a classic smoky eye, start with a light grey shadow all over the lid, lash line to brow bone. Blend a darker grey or black shadow onto the lid and into the crease, and use a lighter ivory tone to give some dimension near the inner corner of the eye. Smudge a black pencil over the upper and lower lash lines, and finish with two coats of black mascara.

The smoky eye can also be done with colours like plum, olive or shades of brown for a current take on the classic look.
Don’t be afraid to play with real mink lashes wholesale for evening! If you have a steady hand and a flair for the dramatic, liquid liners are available in lots of fun colours. If you’re trying out a funky look with your liner, keep the rest of your eye makeup neutral. You’ll have enough going on with the bright liner!

real mink lashes wholesale
real mink lashes wholesale

You can always be creative with your real mink lashes wholesale and change up the colours to suit your moods and outfits. These eye makeup tips will help you achieve fresh and sophisticated looks without spending hours in front of the mirror.


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