Beauty Tips For Natural Looking Eyes

Eyelash extensions can draw prominence to your eyes and make them look beautiful. There are basically two types of eyelash extensions available. The first and more preferable kind is the individual eyelash extension. In this type, both thick as well as fine hairs are used for extending the lash. The other kind of extension comprises of 3 to 5 strands knotted together, known as flares. Although flares can offer more density to the 3d silk fur lashes wholesale, they quite often look artificial and feel uncomfortable to wear.Sioia

3d silk fur lashes wholesale
3d silk fur lashes wholesale

Individual eyelash extensions provide the most authentic and natural look. They are laid one at a time on each individual lash, making it a very time consuming process. The extension lash is glued to your natural lash one by one, and each session can last for about two hours. If maintained well, the extension lash would stay on your natural lash until for own lash falls off eventually. The false lash weighs a little more than your 3d silk fur lashes wholesale and so it might add some stress to it.

The thinner variety of false lashes looks more authentic and is obviously lighter in weight than the thicker ones. When you lay about 40 lashes over each eye, you would get a thick and full line of natural-looking lashes. You can mix and match thick and thin lashes to maintain a balance between thickness and weight.

Flares are not as good as individual lashes. They do not look as natural and can often cause damage to your own lashes. Since flares are made of a few strands knotted together, they can have a stiff, doll-like look. It might take quite a while for you to get used to wearing flares on your 3d silk fur lashes wholesale. They also weigh more and are less comfortable to wear than individual lashes. Flares have a tendency to yank out your natural lashes over time. So if you have a very sparse line of lashes, you could lose them all eventually if the flares pull them all out.

You need to bear a few things in mind when you wear 3d silk fur lashes wholesale extensions:

• You should never rub your eyes for any reason
• You should not use an oil-based product as it might dissolve the glue holding your lashes in place
• You should take care when you clean your eye makeup as the cotton swab can get caught in the extension lashes
• You should not sleep face down or wear a sleeping mask
• You should not use mascara, which you may not need anyway

3d silk fur lashes wholesale
3d silk fur lashes wholesale

Ensure that your eyelash extensions are attached by a well-trained and certified professional in order to get the best results. You might have to go back for maintenance. You might also consider the option of using products that make your 3d silk fur lashes wholesale grow better, instead of using artificial add-ons.

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