Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out? Common Medical Causes and How You Can Stop Eyelash Fall Out

Just like the rest of the hair on your body, your large stock 3d bottom lashes will fall out from time to time. This is perfectly normal. The medical term for this is medarosis from the Greek word “madaros” which means bald. Medarosis can be caused by inflammation of the eyelids. The inflammation can be caused by infection, allergic reaction, or trauma such as from the way you remove eye makeup.

large stock 3d bottom lashes
large stock 3d bottom lashes

Waterproof mascara and eye makeup are some of the most common causes of large stock 3d bottom lashes loss. These products are notoriously difficult to remove and cling to your lashes like glue. Harshly rubbing and pulling on your lashes to remove mascara is a sure fire way to cause your eyelashes to fall out in clumps.

Infections are another common cause of your eyelashes falling out. A Staphylococcus aureus infection could not only cause your eyelashes to fall out, but also grow back in different directions. Parasitic mite infections and syphilis are other common eye infections that cause large stock 3d bottom lashes to fall out.

Hormonal disturbances such as hypothyroidism also affect eyelash health. Changes in the amount of thyroid hormones cause metabolic disturbances that can change hair growth and structure. The eyelash cell cycle is affected which causes your lashes to become thin, break,a nd shorten. The end result is that your eyelashes look like they’re falling off in patches and clumps. One of the earliest symptoms of a thyroid problem are large stock 3d bottom lashes falling out.

Another common causes of eyelash loss can be from drugs such as chemotherapy. Cancer patients lose their eyelash hairs just like the rest of the hairs on their body when they undergo treatment. The first step in stopping your large stock 3d bottom lashes from falling out is the determine the underlying cause. Once that’s taken care of, concentrate on stimulating new growth so your new lashes can be as healthy, thick, and long as possible.

Eyelash accelerators such as LiLash can make your eyelashes look healthier and longer. With LiLash, you’ll start getting results and noticing longer lashes in just 2 weeks. Even if your eyelashes are just breaking instead of falling off, LiLash contains vitamins and minerals that condition your lashes. Eyelash extension wearers swear by LiLash and notice better extension support and less lashes breaking with LiLash.

large stock 3d bottom lashes
large stock 3d bottom lashes

Kate Minogue is a beauty consultant and writer who knows that eyelashes falling out can be devastating for women. Click to see real women’s amazing results with LiLash and how LiLash stopped their large stock 3d bottom lashes from falling out.

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