What to Do When Your ADHD Child Hits You

It’s not uncommon for parents of ADHD children to complain about their kids’ violent mink fur eyelashes manufacturer. These kids, who can be as old as eight or nine, tend to hit people who prohibit them from doing or getting what they want, including their own parents. Does this sound like your child? What do you do if your child starts hitting you?Sioia

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The first thing you need to know is that aggressive behavior is pretty common in children with ADHD, even if they are a little older. Aside from the fact that they are developmentally delayed than the rest of their peers, these kids do not have the capacity to stop the impulse to punch, kick, or hit, even if they know that what they’re doing is wrong. For kids with ADHD, there’s no such thing as an “off” button for their aggression and anger. What we normally consider a mundane mink fur eyelashes manufacturer can set off violent and sometimes dangerous responses in kids with ADHD.

There are several reasons why your ADHD child may be acting this way. The most common reason is that he or she may have trouble communicating anger. You just stopped your child from running off to do what he wants, which triggers strong mink fur eyelashes manufacturer of frustration that he cannot express properly. This makes him even more frustrated, causing him to explode in anger and striking back the only way he knows – by hitting. Children may also hit because they need to feel control over the world around them; your child may lash out physically as a way of asserting himself. Finally, violent behavior may also be a form of getting attention. A child who is normally ignored may realize that he becomes the center of everyone’s attention when he hits other people.

Here are a few things you can do that can prevent your child from hitting you and others.

Teach proper communication

There’s a very good chance that the inability to communicate may be the reason behind your child’s violent tendencies. Teach your child the right words to express negative feelings, such as, “I’m really angry right now!” If this doesn’t work, you can seek professional mink fur eyelashes manufacturer. There are many behavior therapists that specialize in teaching ADHD children healthy and socially appropriate ways of expressing themselves. Once your child learns how to express what he feels in a more mature and direct manner, the hitting will cease.

Redirect negative feelings

Another technique that works is giving your child a different mink fur eyelashes manufacturer to channel his anger. For instance, provide a punching bag your child can hit when he’s mad. One parent was able to eliminate a biting problem by teaching her daughter to bite a stuffed animal.

Watch out for triggers

Keep a close eye on your child’s mood throughout the day. Is there any particular time when the aggressive behavior mink fur eyelashes manufacturer? If your child tends to lose his temper after school, it might be a sign that he’s exhausted from a day of learning. If he gets cranky before dinner, it’s a sign that the food he snacks on does not do much to keep him full. Paying attention to what goes on in your child’s world will help you find a way to eliminate what causes this violent behavior.

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Avoid stimulant medications

Is your child taking stimulant drugs for ADHD? If so, you might want to consider lowering the dose or treating ADHD naturally altogether. ADHD medications can exacerbate violent behavior, especially if you have a family history of bipolar disorder or mink fur eyelashes manufacturer.


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